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sequential Hunt group in which extensions ring in the order in which they are listed, left to right, when the hunt group is defined. ephone-hunt hunt-tag { longest-idle | peer | sequential } no ephone-hunt hunt-tag Syntax Description hunt-tag Unique sequence number that identifies the ephone hunt group during configuration tasks. Hope this helps. Help Desk » Inventory » Monitor » Community » Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar ipnoiseAll About Unified CommunicationsHeader RightMicrosoft Cisco Linux About Disclaimer You are here: Home

To remove the ephone-dn template, use the no form of this command. To view your ephone-dn-template configurations, use the show telephony-service ephone-dn-template command. If the call history has expired (after 120 minutes), any callback is routed to extension 7500. ephone-dn-template 3 call-forwarding busy 4000 call-forwarding noan 4000 timeout 30 pickup group 4 ephone-dn 23 number 2323 ephone-dn-template 3 ephone-dn 33 number 3333 ephone-dn-template 3 ephone 13 button 1:23 ephone 14 https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/11918486/deleting-ephones-and-ephones-dn

Ephone Slot Is Already Registered With

dual-line (Optional) Enables two calls per directory number. statistics for that day are lost because they are overwritten by the new 1 a.m. But when someone dials the direct number, the call goes directly to AA. If not, the extension number assigned will appear instead. 5.

Idle time is determined from the last time that a phone registered, reregistered, or went on-hook. •If the order is peer, the first number to which calls are directed is the You can define multiple dial peers with this command. ephone-dn-template template-tag no ephone-dn-template template-tag Syntax Description template-tag Identifier for this ephone-dn template. max-ephones Configures the maximum number of Cisco IP phones that can be supported by a router.

extension-assigner tag-type To enable provision tags for identifying ephone configurations when using the extension assigner application, use the extension-assigner tag-type command in telephony-service configuration mode. Ephone-dn Command Ephone-dn template 3 is then applied to ephone-dn 23 and ephone-dn 33, which appear on ephones 13 and 14, respectively. ephone phone-tagno ephone phone-tag Syntax Description phone-tag Unique sequence number that identifies an ephone during configuration tasks. Examples The following example shows how to specify that Bellcore DR1 be used for external ringing on CiscoSIP IP phones: Router(config)# voice register global Router(config-register-global)# external-ring bellcore-dr1

ephone-hunt statistics write-all Effective with Cisco Unified CME 9.0, the ephone-hunt statistics write-all command is replaced by the hunt group statistics write-all command in privileged EXEC mode. Examples The following example shows the Nokia E61 added with an ephone-type template, which is then assigned to ephone 2: ephone-type E61 device-id 376 device-name E61 Mobile Phone num-buttons 1 max-presentation The PSAP will see this number and use it to query the ALI database to locate the caller. They booted to the standard phone screen as I expected with no issue.

Ephone-dn Command

Ephone Dn template configuration commands: call-forward Define E.164 telephone number for call forwarding call-waiting Config call-waiting option caller-id Configure port caller id parameters corlist Class of Restriction on dial-peer for this https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg08187.html Now i want to delete all ephones related information from gateway so that next time SRST occurs,it would download again all ephone information from CUCM.Thanks. Ephone Slot Is Already Registered With night-service Define night-service bell no Negate a command or set its defaults paging-dn set audio paging dn group for phone service Service configuration in ephone template softkeys define softkeys per state I want to add a field in this template so that users are able to add value to a custom (non hierarchal tag-like)taxonomy called 'athelete'.

Ringing proceeds in a circular manner, left to right, for the number of hops specified when the ephone hunt group is defined. To remove the ephone-dn template, use the no form of this command. Command Modes Ephone-dn configuration (config-ephone-template) Command History Cisco IOS Release Cisco Product Modification 12.4(4)XC Cisco Unified CME 4.0 This command was introduced. 12.4(9)T Cisco Unified CME 4.0 This command was integrated Use ephone-hunt configuration mode to create ephone hunt groups in a CiscoUnifiedCME system.

ephone-hunt To enter ephone-hunt configuration mode for the purposes of creating and configuring a hunt group for use in a CiscoUnifiedCME system, use the ephone-hunt command in global configuration mode. I need to increase ip phones to 75 nos.Is there a way to increase the license using same hardware? Cisco Router 2901 max-phones: <1-42>  Maximum phones to support license details:Index: 5        Feature: cme-srst                          directory local directory service em extension mobility service myphoneapp my phone apps service Router(config-ephone-template)#exclude directory Router(config-ephone-template)#exclude myphoneapp! A hunt group is a list of phone numbers that are assigned to take turns receiving incoming calls for one number, a pilot number that is defined with the pilot command.

To change an existing ephone hunt group configuration, the keyword is not required. elin numberno elin Syntax Description number An E.164 number to be used as the default ELIN. Because there is a whole range of different types of Cisco IP phones, you also need to specify the type of phone you are configuring.

list Defines the ephone-dns that participate in an ephone hunt group.

Configuring phones on CME is done using two components: the phone - which is configured using the “ephone” command, the directory numbers - which are configured using the “ephone-dn” command. show telephony-service ephone-dn-template Displays ephone-dn-template configurations. Command Default Ephone tags are used to identify ephone configurations for the extension assigner application. ephone-dn dn-tag [dual-line] no ephone-dn dn-tag Syntax Description dn-tag Unique sequence number that identifies a particular ephone-dn during configuration tasks.

If you try to apply a second ephone-dn template to an ephone-dn that already has an ephone-dn template applied to it, the second template will overwrite the first ephone-dn template configuration. I then try to add the MAC address and it wont allow me. If a number in the list is busy or does not answer, the call is redirected to the next number in the list. Each of them can join and leave the hunt group whenever one of the slots is available.

After applying a template to an ephone or removing a template from an ephone, use the following commands: restart—Performs a fast reboot of the phone.