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Cannot Delete File Javaws.jar

Each user has to do it when they get their box, and has to have admin help when they do it. If javaws is given the path to a jnlp file, e.g.: javaws ~/test_app.jnlp or a URL pointing to jnlp content, e.g.: javaws the WebStart application will be downloaded and run. Web Server Setup How can I add JNLP MIME-types to my ISP's Apache Web Server? Q: Why Can't Web Start Create Desktop Shortcuts? Source

Back to top Why does Java Web Start always reload JAR files from IIS server? If you want to pass in arguments to your app, you have to add them to the start-up file (aka JNLP descriptor) using or elements. To find application resources in Java Web Start, use the classloader that loaded your application, for example use the following call in the in the application;s main thread: this.getClass().getClassLoader(); You can Web Start updates the current users' .mime.types and .mailcap files.

Before tha launch it should check if the temp.jar exists and if exists delete original and rename the temp.jar to original. Yes, it does. Why can't Web Start and Microsoft Proxy Server get along? Suggested Approach.

  • How come?
  • You can also launch an application from a command prompt by typing “javaws ” where
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  • If your web server's mime types are setup correctly and Web Start still refuses to start up your app , you need to figure out your proxy settings.
  • How can I turn off Web Start's splash screen?
  • Can I use Web Start for Intranet apps?
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It's roughly the size of the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in and much smaller than a MPEG movie. In all versions. Updating ~/.mime.types... Browse other questions tagged java swing reflection file-io jar or ask your own question.

The list of “secure” properties for this version can be found in the Developer's Guide Back to top What causes the file not found message for the downloaded jnlp file? The Cache Viewer enables you to directly launch applications you have downloaded. Support for command line/batch apps is currently limited. Furthermore, the specification includes an API for which you can programatically query Java Web Start about which resources are available and request them to be downloaded.

How can I sign jars? In 1.5.0 you can only create a shortcut to launch online if there is an href, and can only create an offline shortcut if is specified. The file is in use or not. Back to top 5074524: First jar of unsigned extension must be downloaded eagerly.

However, it is not intended to be a full implementation of the Plug-In. There will also be an entry for Web Start in the Start --> Programs menu. What is really curved, spacetime, or simply the coordinate lines? You can try the SavaJe XE operating system for StrongARM devices.

In older versions of the JDK, this was also the default behavior for the command if no arguments were given. this contact form Questions and Answers What's new? Where can I find JNLP/Web Start apps? For example, for the Apache web server you must add the following line to the .mime.types configuration file: application/x-java-jnlp-file JNLP Check the documentation for the specifics of your web server.

At the moment the installation is manual. Sigh. Back to top Can I use NTLM authentication with Java Web Start? have a peek here Java Web Start uses the browser's settings and may launch a browser to show a URL; this feature may not work with unsupported browsers.

Back to top jlaJoined: 27 Jan 2010Posts: 36 Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:37 pm Post subject: Re: Cannot delete file javaws.jar It appears that NetBeans 7.0 attempts to delete any Q: Why can't I start Web Start's app manager under Windows? If you want the full app/GUI you add the app jar. - Kevin Herrboldt (author of OpenJNLP) Q: Is Web Start a general installer?

When she uses the menu, she only finds a menu item allowing her to delete the shortcut (even though there isn't any).

This classloader implements the security model and the downloading model defined by the JNLP specification. Celia will honor whatever codebase you specify in the JNLP descriptor and install all necessary files as if they were downloaded by Web Start itself from the original web site. How can I pass in arguments to my app using a HTML hyperlink? from your apps hosted on the new server (e.g, use a different title and description in your JNLP startup file (for example, use "Whack-A-Bill @ Cloud Seven " and

A sample servlet implementing these features is provided in the samples directory of the JDK. Note, if you delete your app from the playlist, Web Start won't clean up its cache and throw out the junk (that is, the now orphanded jars, icons, and so on), In versions 1.2 and 1.4.2 If TraceSecurity is turned on, you may get an exception on Windows platforms if there is a space in the path to the cache directory. You also need to tell Sun's JnlpDownloadServlet what version a jar belongs to.

Can I use Web Start to deploy apps to mobile devices (J2ME)? What are the supported browsers? Where can I find more info about Web Start programming in German?