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Cannot Determine A Valid Start Up Project Using Project


Use the -StartUpProjectName parameter to set one explicitly. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. When running in the NuGet install.ps1 script the ‘$project' variable provided as part of that script should be used. This cmdlet supports the common parameters: Verbose, Debug, ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, maartenba commented Feb 12, 2016 May be because it was awaiting package restore and a VS restart. his comment is here

For technical information, type: get-help Add-EFProvider -full. Creating Model Classes with the Entity Framework (C#)2. The auth service seems like it'd be more complex so I've been looking more at simply having a setup that I point each individual webapp at. If omitted, the default project selected in package manager console is used. -StartUpProjectName Specifies the configuration file to use for named connection strings.

Update-database Cannot Determine A Valid Start-up Project

Iteration #5 – Create unit tests (C#)6. This class is empty as defined in the default project code, and so brings with it only those properties exposed by the base class IdentityUser. This command is typically used only by Entity Framework provider NuGet packages and is run from the ‘install.ps1' script. First, let's go back to the ApplicationUser class and add the properties we want: using Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework; // Add this to bring in Data Annotations: using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations; namespace DbMigrationExample.Models { public class

Accessing Your Model's Data from a Controller7. By downloading and using the Web Platform Installer (WebPI), you agree to the license terms and privacy statement for WebPI. All the pending Migrations, after the last applied, will be applied to the Database found in the connection string specified in the StartUpProject specified. Simple enough in the end after stumbling upon this post. […] Reply 17 01 2016 MATTEO TONTINI’ Sucks the dick (02:59:24) : as usual another dumb sob unit inch humping cocksucker

How to iterate over a list using a Regex Was there no tax before 1913 in the United States? Add-Migration: Scaffolds a migration script for any pending model changes. I named the example solution: EF5CodeFirst and the project (guess how…): ConsoleApplication. Parameters -ProjectName Specifies the project that contains the migration configuration type to be used.

Solutions? HTML5 and jQuery UI Datepicker Popup Calendar with ASP.NET MVC - Part 12. In the System Tables, the Entity Framework's database initializer created a table named: __MigrationHistory that Entity Framework will use to check database version and apply schema migrations. If you are enabling Migrations in a project that uses that method to specify the initializer, remove that line of code.

  1. Adding a New Field to the Movie Model and Table (C#)8.
  2. The following diagram illustrates the schema of the application database: For these tutorials, you'll assume that the Student and Enrollment tables should be empty when the site is first deployed.
  4. EDIT I changed the connection as mentioned below, and I get the following exception: The item with identity 'table1' already exists in the metadata collection.
  5. Iteration #3 – Add form validation (VB)11.
  6. Creating Custom HTML Helpers (VB)8.
  7. Continue your great work and thanks again.

  8. Jesper Lund Stocholm on 2014-02-18 Reply Hi Anders, Great article!
  9. Then run the application: static void Main(string[] args) { try { using (var context = new PersonContext()) { context.Persons.Add(new Person { Surname = "Smith" }); context.SaveChanges(); foreach (var person in context.Persons)

The Entityframework Package Is Not Installed On Project

You could try asking a question on Stack Overflow and tag it with ef-migrations. over here Creating a More Complex Data Model5. Update-database Cannot Determine A Valid Start-up Project Creating Unit Tests for ASP.NET MVC Applications (VB)Contact Manager1. Instead, we will manually delete the database, and then run Update-Database again.

Configuring the Database Connection Configuring Entity Framework Migrations and Seeding the Database Seeding the Database with an Initial User Records Extending the IdentityModel Class with Additional Properties Updating the Database to this content Thanks, :-) /Jesper Copenhagen

Anders Abel on 2014-02-18 Reply The cmd-lets used within Visual Studio are very tightly coupled to the VS environment (see In the ContosoUniversity solution, the web project has been set as the startup project. Examining the Details and Delete MethodsGetting Started with EF 5 using MVC 41.

If omitted, the specified project's configuration file is used. -ConfigurationTypeName Specifies the migrations configuration to use. You can then create the database by entering the command "update-database". All rights reserved. weblink The enable-migrations command automatically created the first migration because the database already exists.

I am having the exact same message. –Jawad Nov 17 '15 at 14:29 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Code First Migrations will look in the startup project to find the database connection string. Does the "bat wing" aircraft paint design have a proper name?

Parameters -Project The Visual Studio project to update.

ASP.NET MVC Views Overview (VB)7. You'll see examples of them in the Deploying a Database Update tutorial. In this case, we will swap out the SQL CE connection for a SQL Server development database I have running on my development machine (obviously, you can point this at any Building the Chapter DownloadsMVC 4 Hands On LabsWhat's New in ASP.NET MVC 4ASP.NET MVC 4 FundamentalsASP.NET MVC 4 Models and Data AccessASP.NET MVC 4 Custom Action FiltersASP.NET MVC 4 Entity Framework

The Update Credits page appears. To achieve this just add the following parameter: -Script that will cause the command to generate an sql file that will be opened in Visual Studio. If we look in the Migrations folder now, we will see a couple new files added containing that code. check over here Improving Performance with Output Caching (C#)4.

I am trying to figure out how to do migrations (update-database) via powershell script directly. This menu selection adds the following code to the using statements near the top of the file. Actual meaning of 'After all' In vino (est?) veritas Player claims their wizard character knows everything (from books).