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Cannot Determine Campaign File Format

CCITTG4 is the default and generally produces the smallest file size. Valid types are "dot, circle, shade, X, cross, diamond, yield or triangle". lineParser.ifError=Error in roll for IF option. component.tooltip.macro.fontColor=Select the color in which the label for this macro's button will appear in the macro button panels. his comment is here

lineParser.switchNoMatch=SWITCH option found no match for "{0}". The default is JPG.

Downsample ToDownsamples image files to the specified resolution. Options String = "{0}", Roll String = "{1}". action.preferences=Preferences... # Map Menu action.newMap=New Map... see this

help.description=Display list of available commands. # Next three are for the titles generated in the table of commands in /help help.header.command=Slash Command help.header.aliases=Aliases help.header.description=Description impersonate.description=Speak as if you were something/one else. Choose one of the criteria to split the document into multiple HTML files.Split by Document HeadingsSplit by Document Bookmarks

Include ImagesSpecifies if images are exported when you export a PDF as lineParser.emptyTokenName=Cannot assign a blank or empty string to the variable # {0} = token name or gm name. # Notice there are no double quotes around {0}.

  1. For example, "reach_descending".
  2. If this option is not selected, untagged files are not converted.

    Note: Tags are applied only as part of the conversion process and are discarded after the conversion.
  3. This can happen if the images have a color profile included at the page level but not inside the image data.
  4. msg.error.versionFile=Can't find version file: {0} msg.error.toolCannotInstantiate=Could not instantiate tool class: {0} msg.error.toolConstructorFailed=Failed in constructor of tool: {0} msg.error.toolNeedPublicConstructor=Constructor must be public for tool: {0} msg.error.toolNeedValidConstructor=Class must have a public constructor with
  5. To Initiative Initiative...
  6. For example, "reach_descending".

addtokenstate.invalidNumber=An invalid number "{0}" was passed as a parameter. confirm.macro.panelLocation=within the {0} panel confirm.macro.commonSelectionLocation=within the common selection macros # {0} is the token's Name field confirm.macro.tokenLocation=on {0} confirm.macro.clearGroup=You are about to clear the {0} macro group. For an explanation of each compatibility setting, see PDF compatibility levels. tool.facing.instructions=Unused tool.facing.tooltip=Set the token facing.

macro.function.stateImage.notImage=State "{1}" is not an image state in function "{0}". # number function macro.function.number.invalid=Invalid number format "{1}" in "{0}". # TokenInitFunctions macro.function.TokenInit.notOnListSet=The token is not in the initiative list so no macro.function.LookupTableFunctions.invalidSize=Invalid image size in function "{0}". # MacroArgsFunctions macro.function.args.incorrectParam=Function "{0}" must be called with exactly 1 numeric parameter. lineParser.optRequiresParam=Roll option "{0}" requires a list of no more than {1} parameters in parentheses. I did a search and got FileCure.

tool.filltopology.tooltip=Fill in closed areas of VBL. msg.error.noTokensSelected=No Tokens Selected. You can let Acrobat determine these settings automatically. dialog.screenshot.error.failedImageGeneration=Failed to generate image.

Do you wish to import the macro again?

Select "Yes" to import the macro anyway. action.pasteTokens.accel=V action.campaignProperties=Campaign Properties... initPanel.toggleHold=Toggle Hold initPanel.setInitState=Set Initiative... Use Language Level 3 only if the target output device supports it.

loadtokenstates.loaded=There were {0,number} token states loaded. this content msg.error.tableAccessProhibited=The GM has disallowed player use of table. Default behavior is to return impressions and spend.filteringlistDefault value: ArrayFilters on the report data. The option impression_device cannot be used by itself.date_presetenum{today, yesterday, last_3_days, this_week, last_week, last_7_days, last_14_days, last_28_days, last_30_days, last_90_days, this_month, last_month, this_quarter, last_3_months, lifetime}Default value: last_30_daysRepresents a relative time range.

Select "No" to revert. export canceled. exported successfully. msg.warning.macro.willNotExport=The macro "{0}" will not be exported. addtokenstate.added=Token state "{0}" was added addtokenstate.invalidColor=An invalid color "{0}" was passed as a parameter. savetokenstates.dialogTitle=Save Token States # {0} is the number of token states saved. weblink emote.description=Broadcast an emote to all connected players.

Maybe in 1.4. Use #d#+#. macro.function.general.unknownFunction=Unknown function name "{0}".

If this macro references one or more token properties, it should be checked. #TODO: Write tooltip for this.

lineParser.invalidIfCond=Invalid IF condition: {0}, evaluates to: {1}. Please disconnect. Include Comments Exports comments to the output file. It is an optional param.

tool.blasttemplate.instructions=LClick: set starting cell, second LClick sets radius and direction; Ctrl: move origin point tool.blasttemplate.tooltip=Draw a blast template. You can also create an EPS file from any PDF for placement or opening in other applications. macro.function.general.noImpersonated=Error executing "{0}": there is no impersonated token. savetokenstates.saved=There were {0,number} token states saved.

tools.interaction.tooltip=Interaction Tools tools.drawing.tooltip=Drawing Tools tools.template.tooltip=Template Tools tools.fog.tooltip=Fog of War Tools tools.topo.tooltip=Vision Blocking Layer (VBL) Tools tools.zoneselector.tooltip=Select Map # We use LClick to mean "left-click" and RClick to mean "right-click". # We Use Mapping Table Default uses the default character encoding defined in mapping tables, which appear in the Plug-ins/SaveAsXML/MappingTables folder. Adam7 creates an image that displays low-resolution versions in a browser while the full image file is downloading. Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 1 Star 1 Fork 0 spullara/maptool Code Issues 0 Pull requests 0 Projects

action.enableFogOfWar=Fog-of-&War action.enableFogOfWar.description=Enable the fog of war for the current map. A macro with deselected macro criteria may be exported with missing information. Sigh.) file.ext.cmpgn=MapTool Campaign file.ext.rpmap=MapTool Map file.ext.rptok=MapTool Token file.ext.mtprops=MapTool Campaign Properties file.ext.mtmacro=MapTool Macro file.ext.mtmacset=MapTool Macro Set file.ext.mttable=MapTool Table admin.exportCampaignRepo=Campaign Repository File... The smaller the file, the lesser the image quality.

Tile SizeDivides the image being compressed into tiles of the given size. (If the image height or width is not an

action.showLightRadius.accel=L action.showGrid=Show &Grid action.showGrid.accel=G action.showCoordinates=Show &Coordinates #action.showMapSelector=&MiniMap #action.showMapSelector.accel=M action.commandPanel=Command Panel action.fullscreen=Fullscreen Mode action.fullscreen.accel=alt ENTER # Tool action.sendChat=C&hat action.sendChat.accel=ENTER action.runMacro=&Run Macro action.runMacro.accel=typed / action.enforceView=&Center Players on Current View action.enforceView.description=Causes all clients to Please report bug! loadaliases.description=Load a file that contains aliases, one per line, with a : between the name and the value (just as if you were typing it in). action.toggleDoubleWide=&Straight Line Width Doubled action.toggleDoubleWide.description=When selected the line template will draw straight lines at double width.

macro.function.general.argumentTypeN=Argument number {1} "{2}" to function "{0}" must be a number. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Adobe Support > Acrobat > File format options for PDF export File format options for PDF export Search On this page Adobe PDF options (Acrobat Pro Check your /etc/hosts file. component.tooltip.macro.compareUseIncludeLabel=Check here to consider this macro's Include Label state when determining its commonality with other macros.

msg.error.mustSelectAssetGroupFirst=Select an asset group first. settokenstate.param=A token state name and token name, or a selected token and state name are required. The Mac uses Cmd-W to mean # "close focused window"... I use an automated technique to detect the encoding and convert # the file to the Unicode format that Java needs. (For those who are # interested, it involves the "native2ascii"

action.cutTokens.accel=X action.pasteTokens=Paste action.pasteTokens.description=Paste internal clipboard to the current mouse location. action.newMap.accel=N menu.QuickMap=Quick Map action.editMap=Edit Map... That's # because the program is likely hard-coded to look at the text instead # of localizing it.