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Cannot Determine Ifnumber For Public

Posted by Nikolay Hristov at 6:52 AM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: cannot, debian, did not eval into defined data, error, eth1, eth2, ifNumber, mrtg, mrtg.cfg, solution, How can I trust that this is Google? You can almost read it like English -- "chars all match digits". Steve ___ mrtg mailing list [email protected] [mrtg] Can not determine ifNumber for [email protected] 2010-03-16 Thread Brian J.

i have also downloaded and modified the xml of the hp procurve 1810. There is no exception handling overhead under the covers in their implementation. With a check-first-then-calculate approach you make two passes through the input: one to verify and then another to convert. –ChrisCantrell Aug 8 '15 at 15:52 add a comment| up vote 0 IF-MIB::ifMtu.62 = INTEGER: 1492 IF-MIB::ifMtu.63 = INTEGER: 1492 IF-MIB::ifMtu.64 = INTEGER: 1492 IF-MIB::ifMtu.66 = INTEGER: 1500 IF-MIB::ifMtu.67 = INTEGER: 1492 IF-MIB::ifMtu.69 = INTEGER: 1492 IF-MIB::ifMtu.70 = INTEGER: 1492 ...

This solution is succinct and pretty fast but you can shave a couple of milliseconds per million invocations by doing it like this static boolean isNumber(String s) { final int len Strange enough, the doc linked says the opposite, maybe because of a newer version (note that the answer was edited just a few days after your comment was posted) –Adrien Be The .ok cache file contains invalid data, that cannot be removed. New and Key Features of the Second Edition: -Includes the new and relevant features of the C# language through version 4 -Chapter 12 has been rewritten to use generic collections -A

  1. The code below shows a simple test of two functions -- one using exceptions and one using regex.
  2. In that case speed is not a consideration and doing something as ugly as throwing an exception to check for number or non-number is wrong. –user872985 Aug 7 '15 at 15:03
  3. I was running 2.16.2 when the problem started and I have upgrade it to the latest 2.17.0 last week but with no change in it's behaviour.
  4. For Ubuntu try to run Code: apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader and reboot server For additional info check the article: thanks for your information.
  5. In addition to the traditional Parse method that's like the Java one, you also have a TryParse method.

MRTG has no way to uniquely identify which interface you want > to graph. > > The one (and only one) that's "up" of course. :-) > > > Many are Marousi GR-151 24 Athens, HELLAS PGP Key ID: 0x2EEFC190 ** ___ mrtg mailing list [email protected] Re: [mrtg] Can not determine ifNumber and duplicate entries of IP-Ifindex at the .ok files The polling time is handled by your scheduler (if you use a cron-based system) or by MRTG's own internal scheduler, which is based on the system clock, if you use daemon Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.Go to Google Play Now »Computing with C# and the .NET FrameworkArt GittlemanJones & Bartlett Publishers, Jan 10, 2011 - Computers -

Possibly, the file is somehow undeleteable or not updateable (check permissions)? It's an OpenWRT router, which basically just means Linux box. public static boolean isStringNumeric( String str ) { DecimalFormatSymbols currentLocaleSymbols = DecimalFormatSymbols.getInstance(); char localeMinusSign = currentLocaleSymbols.getMinusSign(); if ( !Character.isDigit( str.charAt( 0 ) ) && str.charAt( 0 ) != localeMinusSign ) return i thought about this There really ARE two interfaces with the same key.

I remember the accepted answer didn't covered NumberUtils thats why I added my answer. i am using debian. I'm not sure why SNMP is misbehaving, particularly if (as you say) there has been no software update or changes since the time it last worked. Another possible solution would be to use a scheduler to regularly (daily?

little bump so I cannot determine anything of any value. Cisco in on it to determine what was causing our excessive ... Re: [mrtg] Scaling The Graphs For More Meaningful Results by trabe on 08/01/2010 ... you might be able to use interface type.

This should happen normally, but can sometimes get confused -- check you have the latest version of MRTG (or at least 2.16.2 ) Steve Steve Shipway ITS Unix Services Design Lead this content How small could an animal be before it is consciously aware of the effects of quantum mechanics? Indeed. The only way to verify this would be to take an SNMP walk of the IF-MIB now, remove the .ok file and let the system work for a bit, and when

Steve ___ mrtg mailing list [email protected] Re: [mrtg] Can not determine ifNumber for [email protected] 2010-03-16 Thread Brian J. final static Pattern NUMBER_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("[+-]?\\d*\\.?\\d+"); static boolean isNumber(String input) { Matcher m = NUMBER_PATTERN.matcher(input); return m.matches(); } I'm assuming a number is a string with nothing but decimal digits in Any other info I can gather/debug given that you know it's a Linux box now? weblink You could, of course, write a data collection plugin to have this functionality, though.

This is your problem. My view is that the problem lies with SNMP (and not with MRTG) since there definitely should not be multiple instances of ppp0 in SNMP. Indeed.

What does .ok contain?

There really ARE two interfaces with the same key. Many are called 'ppp0', many have type 23, the ppp interfaces have no MAC address, and so on. but wait. I have tried removing that file and it simply gets recreated with the exact same contents and the error messages persist.

While I can understand most people are fine with using try/catch, if you want to do it frequently... EDIT: Updated a test for Character.isDigit() share|improve this answer edited Mar 29 '15 at 16:18 answered Mar 29 '15 at 16:09 Water 4191521 4 Doesn't this compile a new regular Re: [mrtg] Can not determine ifNumber for [emailprotected] by s on 18/03/2010> > Yes. check over here MRTG has no way to uniquely identify which interface you want to graph.

For those wondering why I said it's easy to remember the character array one, if you know there's no negative signs, you can easily get away with something condensed as this: Contact Us - ZABBIX Homepage - Archive - Top Mrtg ⌂ [mrtg] Can not determine ifNumber and duplicate entries of IP-Ifindex at the .o by mchon on 31/01/2011 ... 24:01: WARNING: When the .ok file is unavailable or empty, MRTG will walk the IF-MIB tree to read all the interface details which it then caches in the .ok file for next time The .ok file shows 'Dup' for ppp0 which means it is not a unique identifier and so cannot be used. :-( In your MRTG cfg file, you have a Target for

Re: [mrtg] mrtg-questions by nv on 09/12/2008 ... Can one determine daily traffic with rrdfetch? This is odd; are these devices in some way dynamic, reconfiguring on a regular basic? Probably way more than you needed to see, but it should be abundantly clear that all of the up/down of ppp0 has resulted in lots of interfaces being enumerated with the

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Does something need to be escaped perhaps?