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Cannot Determine Log Device To Use For /dev/fslv00

The following situations can leave open references to a mounted file system: Files are open within a file system. RAM - General RAM - svmon RAM - VMM Tools - topas, nmon Tools - vmstat STORAGE - BACKUP Adapter Basics - SAN Basics - Settings EMC HP EVA - SSA Smitty interface to initial TCP/IP setup smitty mktcpip ›››This command is usually run once for a system (typically in the post-install setup if run from CD/DVD), additional changes can be done File systems 285 Cannot unmount file systems A file system cannot be unmounted if any references are still active within that file system. his comment is here

mkdir -p /shortcut <--create a dir, which will be the mount point for the new Name file System 2.: mount -v namefs /some/long/path Set the system to boot to the CDROM on next boot bootlist -m normal cd0 hdisk0 hdisk1 ›››The system will boot to one of the mirror pairs (hdisk0 or hdisk1) if fuser -cux /var fuser -dV /tmp I tell you this saved my behind a lot of times. :D keep it up!ReplyDeleteRepliesaixApril 9, 2015 at 12:51 PMnice to hear :)DeleteReplyFilme 2015May 6, It outputs a list like the one below: HD: hdisk0 VG: rootvg VOL: hd1 Mount: /home HD: hdisk0 VG: rootvg VOL: hd3 Mount: /tmp HD: hdisk0 VG: rootvg VOL: hd9var Mount:

PV - Physical Volume. When the operating system is installed using the default options, it creates JFS2 file systems. The interface is designed to aid with recognition of more obscure switches, provide additional security & accounting, and perform some validation on the input to those commands. •The SMIT interface is This is an installed copy of the /usr file system.

When the -k flag is used, no other shutdown activity occurs except for sending messages. mlv -t jfs2log -y datafsloglv datavg 1 hdisk1 <--create a new log logical volume 3. SMIT provides pick lists and menus for command line options to AIX tools. Each file or directory has an i-node associated with it.

Use the lslpp -O flag with r, u, or s options to list filesets from only one location. (Additional discussion of this is found in the ODM section and the three The LV, and in this case log-LV, will be automatically created. This flag is used with either the -k or the -f flag. up vote 5 down vote favorite 1 I use the tool "topas" to get a quick peek at CPU, memory, and disk statistics on an AIX machine.

rmss - Tool to simulate a reduced memory footprint for an application. Using the exportvg command and the importvg command, you can also switch ownership of data on physical volumes shared between two processors. Applied filesets retain previous versions and can be rolled back to the previous version (rejected). The WPAR specific options are typically enabled with the [email protected] switch.

Mirroring / breaking LVs is an alternative to explicitly migrating them. here You are allowed to have a separate log for each filesystem. (If a jfslog has been created manually, the logform command should be used to activate it as the jfslog for The physical port of the IVE interface on some of the Power 6 systems. Get the size (in MB) of hdisk1 getconf DISK_SIZE /dev/hdisk1 ←or→ bootinfo -s hdisk1 ›››Note that a full path to the device is required for the getconf version.

This is a change order to a system, typically in the form of an upgrade. http://inviewsoftware.com/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-log-device-to-use-for.html spray - Network load generation tool using a remote sprayd daemon. This flag only applies to AIX 4.2.1 or later. -v Displays the VPD found in the Customized VPD object class. asked 7 years ago viewed 23533 times active 1 year ago Related 1How can I tell a portable drive to ignore bad sectors on a Linux?6How do I tell which AIX

Results can be viewed with ipreport istat - A command line stat() tool. This was done with traditional SUID/SGID applications that then checked to see if the user was assigned the privilege before the task was attempted. The "DISTRIBUTION" column reports the number of PPs in each region of the PV. (The distribution is largely irrelevant for most modern SAN applications.) Create a LV with 3 copies in weblink The -T flag produces a suitable input file format for -f. -i Displays whether fixes or keywords are installed.

A RPO MES is for Record Purposes Only. While some Unices have a file-managed interface, AIX tends to use stanza files and ODM databases as data stores for configuration options. The VGDA resides on each disk and holds structural information such as the member PVs.

VG - Volume Group.

This form. Attributes of the enX device are configurable items such as IP address, subnet mask, and some TCP/IP tunables. •Like the enX device, the inet0 device is not a physical device. A package is a collection of related filesets. You must mount the file system read-write for this command to run successfully.

These are rather basic tasks. mknod: creates new special files (i-node and the file type (c or b) sould be set), major minor numbers will be written into the i-node ------------------------ Directories The directory entry contains First, I run lspv to get the list of disks and the volume group: lspv power123 pvg11 active disk1234 pvg12 active hdisk234 pvg12 active power345 pvg14 active Then I take a check over here This flag cannot be used with the -S flag. -l Name Specifies the logical device, indicated by the Name parameter, in the Customized Devices object class.

In this case, the -x flag displays block sizes for all files that reside on the same device as the directory.[ [email protected] etc ]# du /etc | sort -r -n #按从大到小查看3[ tprof - [[email protected]] A trace based profiling tool. The -B option tends to be the default. bootinfo is not officially supported as an administrative command.

An additional layer of abstraction is placed between an LV and a PP called a LP (Logical Partition) that allows for more than one PP to be used (i.e. When the size of your file system is increasing, you should consider either increasing the size of the default log or creating new log devices. Monitor Basics Build - Configure CAA Clverify Commands - Cases Config too long DARE - Snapshot Disk Heartbeat Network - Topology Storage - VG, NFS POWERVM Basics Commands AME - AMS vmstat - [@] Report statistics from the virtual memory subsystem. •Note: The examples section is not meant to be comprehensive or even well representative of the available options and performance

Future queries to this object class will fail. The hostent command is mentioned here first for its potential use as a scripting tool, but also as an example of the pervasive tool-managed nature of AIX. The command will delete the corresponding stanza from the /etc/filesystems and the logical volume used on which the file system resides. The skulker command is normally invoked daily, often as part of an accounting procedure run by the cron command during off-peak periods.