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Then, Oracle Identity Manager selects an approval and provisioning process for the Exchange. The user group is removed from the Object Authorizers tab. The definition specifies where the resource is located and how to connect to it. Also suppose that a process task associated with this resource object has a task assignment rule attached to it, and the assignment criteria is Object Authorizer User with Highest Priority. weblink

After you define an IT resource type on this form, it is available for selection when you define a resource. In the Default Field Value field, enter a default value. The date value stored in the Object Initial Reconciliation Date field is used to distinguish between initial reconciliation and subsequent reconciliations events. Specifying which prepopulate adapter is executed for a given form field.

Vba Determine Variable Type

All Processes If selected, the rule can be assigned to all processes. Task Assignment: Specifies the user or user group that is assigned to a process task. If this check box is deselected, no restrictions are placed on who can directly provision this resource. AND/OR These options specify the operation for the rule.

Figure 5-5 shows the Usage tab. It also has a nested Rule to Prevent Solaris Access. To restrict the user groups that can provision this resource object to groups that are displayed in the Object Authorizers tab of the Resource Objects form, select the Provision by Object Vba Typeof Last Updated The date when the rule was last updated.

Both rules have the highest priority. Vba Check Object Type The Add Reconciliation Field dialog box is displayed. If there are two trusted sources from which you want to reconcile identities to create OIM Users, then you are not able to configure a single resource object (Xellerate User) for Check This Out This rule always evaluates to True.

The resource is an instance of the type, for example, Solaris for Statewide Investments. Vba Vartype If this check box is selected, only users who are members of the groups listed on the Object Administrators tab will be able to provision this resource object (either directly or If the condition of a rule is false, then Oracle Identity Manager evaluates the rule with the next highest priority. Prepopulate: Determines which prepopulate adapter is executed for a form field.

  • If selected, the reconciliation field must be processed on the Reconciliation Data tab of the Reconciliation Manager form before Oracle Identity Manager will begin matching a provisioning process, user, or organization
  • Object The resource object to which this rule is assigned.
  • This resource attribute helps you link resources to regulatory mandates.
  • To request the resource object for an organization, select Order For Organization.
  • The Reconciliation Fields tab is used to define the fields on the target resources or trusted sources that are to be reconciled with (for example, mapped to) information in Oracle Identity

Vba Check Object Type

Rule Designer Form Rules are criteria that enable Oracle Identity Manager to match conditions and take action based on them. this The saved IT resource is displayed on the IT Resource tab of the IT Resources Type Definition form for the associated IT resource type. Vba Determine Variable Type The following sections discuss two use cases in which you can implement multiple trusted source reconciliation. The Program Cannot Open The Required Dialog Box Because It Cannot Determine Whether The Computer Click Save.

Generic: Contains business-related processes. have a peek at these guys Usage Tab This tab is displayed on the Rule Designer form. A resource object has the following predefined statuses: Waiting: This resource object depends on other resource objects that have not yet been provisioned. After a resource is assigned to a request and the resource object's status is Ready, Oracle Access Manager evaluates the process determination rules to determine the approval and provisioning processes. Get Type Of Object

Prepopulate: Determines which prepopulate adapter is used for a form field. Table 5-2 Fields of the IT Resources Form Field Name Description Name The name of the IT resource. Table 5-4 Fields of the Edit Rule Element Dialog Box Name Description Attribute Source From this box, select the source of the attribute. check over here For example, when a resource is requested or provisioned directly, Oracle Identity Manager evaluates a Rule to See if Solaris is Needed and Rule to Check Provisioning of Solaris for IT

Otherwise, go to Step 13. Vba Typename Click Delete. Changing the Priority Number of a User Group To change a user group's priority number: Select the user group whose priority number you want to change.

Removing a User Group from a Resource Object To remove a user group from a resource object: Select the desired user group.

Removing a Provisioning Status from a Resource Object The following procedure describes removing a provisioning status from a resource object: Select a provisioning status. Do not modify system resource objects without first consulting Oracle. Depending on the matching conditions, certain actions might not be applicable. Vba Gettype Specifying the approval and provisioning processes that apply to a resource object after that resource object is assigned to a request.

You use this subtype to approve a request. If you want the rule to be available to all resource objects, select the All Objects option. Otherwise, go to Step 6. Description Explanatory information about the rule.

He is an independent technology consultant with deep experience in cloud and enterprise integration. The nested rule is displayed in the Rule Elements tab of the Rule Designer form. Click Delete. Provisioned: The resources represented by the resource object are provisioned to the target users or organizations.

provisioning process. Caution: By default, Oracle Identity Manager sets all resource objects to Auto Launch, even though this check box is not selected. Description Explanatory information about the rule. For example, when the status of a task that belongs to a provisioning process is Rejected, you might want to set the corresponding provisioning status of the resource object to Revoked.

Note: If you select a resource object in Step 5 by selecting the All Processes option, then this rule is available to every process that is associated with the selected resource IT resource types are templates for the IT resource definitions that reference them. Select the desired value from the Rule Condition menu. User-Defined Form This field displays the user-created form that is associated with the attribute source that is displayed in the adjacent box.