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See Tools/Options/Preferences/General -- "When Voyager starts" for the new 3 way mode switch. Because the Chart Viewer now downloads both the full scanned chart and the associated chart bits, if you use the Chart Viewer to view a Sectional or Lo chart that you In the meantime, please be aware that we are doing the best we possibly can with incomplete data. Check if the app includes NOAA charts—if it doesn’t, chart regions will cost between $20 and $100.

If the default ones are newer, Voyager copies them over and uses them. FIXED: Satellite overlays persists for much too long after the data is no longer valid. ADDED: Automatically keeps charts selected in the Chart Viewer current. With your help we're getting better and better!

Better looking, more modern user interface. Thus, when you download, for example, the Seattle North Sectional, you get the full scanned Sectional now used in the Chart Viewer but also all the little chart 'bits' that the There are a few versions of the app. FIXED: Airspace altitude text is suppressed much too often.

Can pan and zoom chart while the plane's position continues to update. When using an app, managing the charts should be as simple as selecting, downloading and installing chart tiles or regions. FIXED: Various cases where updated weather would not display. We fixed a bug/made a change to the Airway autorouter that fixes a problem with it not locking onto the nearest navaid and, in some cases, plowing far into terrain during

New Add to FP (+FP) feature makes it easy to modify the flight plan enroute. As of this writing, the FAA provides virtually all of the data required for aviation but not quite all of it. iSailGPS$7.99, iPhone/iPad, isailgps.comiSailGPS is one of the least expensive navigation apps that uses the free NOAA raster charts. click As of this writing, the High Altitude chart bits are being processed so they are not on the server.

Using FAA Data as of October 25, 2007 The FAA is clearly the original source for most US aviation data so it only makes sense, ultimately, that the FAA provide the XML Support Logon Enter a email address Show Password Forgot Password Enter your password Log On Not Registered Yet? World. Online, the charts show detailed maps with roads and satellite images.

What's New, Voyager 4 Current version SeeMyENC allows users tozoom, pan within a chart,select different symbology & colours, selectpick reportsand analyse the ENC data by evaluating the logfile generated during the chart import process. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 10 Bokum Rd., Essex, Conn., 06426-1185 OpenCPN Open Source Chart Plotter Navigation Software The software is available for use on It does not include community guidebook integration.Although iNavX is probably the most full-featured navigation app around, it is not the easiest to use. Summary 50x faster charting engine. Add text watermark or image watermark to your images. Added a quick way to show a weather animation. ADDED: Flight plan export to the Garmin G1000, 430W and 530W in-panel units.

  • Wx display.
  • Ultimately, choosing an app comes down to evaluating which features are important to you and what you’re willing to pay for them.In researching, consider some differentiating factors.
  • If you already have Marine & Lakes, it will update to Boating for free the next time you update the app. (U.S. & Canada $54.99, U.S. $49.99, other worldwide regions starting
  • Oddly, especially given the name, shapefiles describe all shapes as simple point-to-point line segments.
  • Fixed: Export to WingX sometimes included an incorrect airport identifier.

I like its route planning, ability to import waypoints and built-in NMEA data display, but the chart interface itself is a bit awkward and, at times I had to close and We do not know how much Nav Canada will charge for the data but we have reason to believe it will be in the hundreds of dollars per pilot per year. Generated Sun, 06 Nov 2016 20:35:53 GMT by s_mf18 (squid/3.5.20) S-63) ENCs.

Novices should stay clear of this application, as a. New Lat/Lon gauge. When showing general airspace, you can hide TFRs to show the underlying airspace.

New Chartbar just below top makes it quick to turn layers on/off without clicking Cmd.

One particularly bad site really set off WOTs alarms, and it. My apologies. Leave a Reply Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment. Charts link seamlessly and update automatically based on the boat’s location. Now, when you print a flight plan, Voyager will (by default), pick up the chart settings currently used on the screen and use those.

Obstacles turn red when nearby and within 500 ft. With the addition of a GPS dongle (listed below) your laptop can become a fully operational chart plotter and with weekly updated chart databases available from NOAA/NOS you will have one A text editor similar to Microsoft Word is integrated. check my blog Faster overall response time.

FIXED: When in GV, turning CMD OFF should reset the mouse pointer to the Hand icon FIXED: Airway autorouter will not use T and Q airways FIXED: Startup could be faster As a bonus, the app features multiple light settings for a variety of conditions—whether you’re sailing mid-day or at sea in the dead of night.5. They have stated that they will eventually use shapefiles for all airspace, but they currently produce shapefiles for just Class B, C, D and E airspace. Unfortunately, it wasn't helpful at all.

We have not made any provisions to get current Mexican data. SEAiq Free/SEAiqUSA Free/$24.99, iPhone/iPad, seaiq.comSEAiq USA/Free is rapidly becoming my favorite nav app. FIXED: Flight plan export to AV8OR is broken. Also, when scanned charts are being printed, Voyager overrides some printing settings to print the charts zoomed-in enough (10 NM) to be very clearly read.

Street maps, satellite imagery, and USGS topo and terrain maps can also be overlaid on charts with varying levels of transparency.The free app provides a basic simple-to-use NOAA online chart viewer It was one of SAIL’s favorite apps in 2013.2. in the background so Voyager starts much faster. In most cases, the altitudes are clearly one or the other so our data processing attempts to interpret the altitude correctly but there will be many cases where we won't "guess"

Version FIXED: Opening two flight plans at the same time causes problems on some machines (SkyPad). This feature does, however, come at an added fee. Several apps support ActiveCaptain, a community-generated interactive cruising guidebook with markers for marinas, hazards, anchorages and local knowledge.

Marine Navigator allows for free online download of NOAA raster charts, or any other BSB/KAP navigational chart for that matter. Please select a face that best describes your experience. We're still working on that one. Released 12/24/10 Version