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Cannot Delete Hidden System File


Forum Home New Posts FAQ Mark Forums Read Today's Posts Advanced Search Forum Beyond Compare 3 Discussion FTP Unable to delete folders with hidden/system files If this is your first visit, I used 1.6.0_11 (change this as needed) I put my work files in C:/JavaStuff/DeleteTree, so all the instructions here assume you will do the same. Link tayyab hafeezi wish to show all hidden files on GUI .. by the way im running xp pro sp2.

They are dll files that im trying to remove. The Path Too Long Utility 5. Finally, I reached into my quiver for an old trusted friend. The page does use several JavaScript functions, but I could not discern any danger.

Can't Delete Folder Windows 7

But that's how it is. Login to post comments XP solution Tue, 2009-02-03 17:49 by blahburto Bring your DOS window up (Command Prompt - XP) and find the folder that the image is in. the space that was taken by the file is still occupied please help me get my file back. Is there some other way, because I really want this file gone and I can't find it anywhere on the actual computer.

  1. I have some OpenOffice .odt-s archived on WinXP in password protected WinZip files, the contents of which are readily accessible in Linux without knowing the password.
  2. How do I view hidden files in Windows?
  3. Try to avoid opening the folder, try to prevent that Windows looks at the file.
  4. Only the four drives in this other enclosure refuse to be manipulated in any way (cannot create/update/delete files or folders).
  5. I pray that you'll all have seen/heard/found/learned something that might help.

This method shortens the virtual path. August 1, 2009 darkbytes Alan, Your version work a treat, I have spent over 2 months trying to look on different web sites and repeated attempt to delete system locked files. Any thoughts? Can't Delete Folder In Use Again, thank you, and have a nice day :) Best Regards Login to post comments Thanks for the tool Mon, 2009-01-26 07:41 by admin How about polishing this tool, so it

I have a toshiba laptop and run vista enterprise. November 29, 2007 vikTHgod Wich dll did you change Doug? Use the command 'erase *.jpg' (if it's a JPG), which basically erases all JPG files in the folder that you're currently in You can also use 'erase *.*' and than answer try here Works Great Thx!!!

he is baffled and understands wholly what ive been going thru this past 2 months. How To Delete A Folder That Won't Delete Reply Link adminYou can using for and dir commands. The safest way is not to open Windows Explorer in the first place. I suspect the problem is caused by using the "DEL" key to delete a folder before BC knows what files the folder contains.

Can't Delete File Windows 7

ive looked at 100`s upon 100`s of forums online, trying 100`s of different methods of deleting these folders... After that, in the command line window enter: explorer to restart your desktop. Can't Delete Folder Windows 7 Login to post comments Good info Wed, 2009-07-29 08:33 by admin Thanks a lot for this information. Force Delete Folder Windows 7 When I issue dir -a, I see .hiddenfile, but when I issue del .hiddenfile, I receive the error Could Not Find I:\bin\.hiddenfile How can I remove this file?

February 11, 2009 Vitor Tanks for help. navigate here He also tryed taking the slave drive out, and putting it in a caddie, to try delete the folders on 3 different pcs, with 3 different operation systems... 98, 2000, vista I've done for windows server 2008, but with icacls command instead of cacls. Please contact me at my e-mail if anyone knows how to get rid of this monster? Force Delete Folder Windows 7 Cmd

for /F %i in ('dir /s /b /A:DH') do rmdir /s /q %iRun the above command from the drive or top folder. I've used it now for a few days with no problem. please , im so begging you, and as i said early ill be prepared to pay some money toward your valued help. Check This Out The previous ones didn't contain any that deals with hidden or system files.

April 20, 2009 ellis cipriano thank you very much for this very helpful tip. Cannot Delete File Access Denied disable the UAC. 2. If this doesn't work, try this next item.

by the way im running xp pro sp2.

Tue, 2008-07-29 21:13 by admin It seems that you have found yet another reason why a file or folder cannot be deleted—a mangled file system. June 26, 2010 djmenson awesome, worked great. If you still want to delete a hidden file knowing why it may be hidden, below are the steps you can follow to delete hidden files. Force Delete Folder Software I've tried moving the data, re-formatting, and replacing the data.

Open a text editor and type in the following: :loop ren x y move y\x . But I don't know what to type in the command prompt because if I search for the actual file location/the program on my computer, it doesn't show up. Login to post comments Interesting! this contact form how to configure the switch and port on server system network.

Runs like a charm. I can't run nearly anything anymore and I am getting file not found or permission not granted for a lot. Like others have said, try pressing F5 to refresh because the file may already be deleted. Anyone have any ideas?

Disclaimer: Be cautious while using these commands, as any mistake would lead to data loss. Still getting the same message: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." Anyway, to cut a long story short... Microsoft Dynamics GP Migration Migrate from Microsoft Great Plains 10.0 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Database Administration Database Administration TECHNOLOGY IN THIS DISCUSSION Join the Community! Once I switched to safe mode, that is.

Thanks to all for the suggestions. From a quick search, I found that it's part of the Windows Installer. as im about to litterlaly chuck this pc out the dam window. BUT to get the file you modified working again, you can right click -> properties -> and add the following users (in win 7): Users with normal permissions (read/execute) Administrators with

By creating an account, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and to receive emails from Spiceworks. Enter the following commands to compile and run the application: C:\JavaStuff\DeleteTree>javac C:\JavaStuff\DeleteTree>java DeleteTree ---- In my case, it took quite a while for the program to finish (6 minutes or Sigh. The idea is to move the tree, beginning with the second level, to the first level, delete the orphaned original first-level folder, and keep repeating this operating quickly through a batch