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Cannot Desolder Dc Jack


Dave April 24, 2008 | I did this over the weekend, and the jack is coming loose again. Thanks again for the great instruction! I just not have any around. I believe I am using the solder correctly, as I can melt the electronics solder that I purchased to re solder the new dc jack on the pcb..

I have a 50w at 900 degree iron. If you have no video on both internal and external screens, make sure the memory module is seated correctly. Maybe this adapter is bad? Krish cj2600 July 29, 2008 | Kish, Can you see any LED lights on the front when you plug in the power adapter? More about the author

How To Solder Motherboard Components

If you are removing the power jack with force, you can pull the sleeve from the hole. Reply Reply post #2 of 13 10/11/12 at 12:41am Thread Starter lessharm Joined: Oct 2012 Posts: 6 Rep: 0 (Unique: 0) Select All Posts By This I read a general soldering site and it said bulbs are good for general purpose work but the pumps have more suction power and make things easier. I am NOT buying a new mobo for $350...

  • Maybe the adapter is dead?
  • cj2600 January 31, 2008 | Nur Hafiz, Here you'll find links to HP/Compaq maintenance manuals.
  • so i took apart my laptop and try to solder it myself.
  • or something else?
  • It takes hours to create one guide and only a minute to donate. 530 Responses jbmurray December 10, 2007 | The dc jack area has broken 3 times (compac presario 2500).

ideas? All my soldering knowledge is limited to power jack replacement. It should fall out like it's soldered with butter when ready. #9 Larry Sabo, Aug 24, 2012 arrow_runner Expand Collapse Member Likes Received: 0 Location: Cincinnati, OH I just did I looked at the design of my jack from the rear, and when the tip is fully inserted, the (negative?) plate or "tongue" inside compresses down, which looks normal, but it

I was lost until I started using a solder sucker. Desoldering Braid If you absolutely need portability you have no choice. I hope you get compensated for the instructor taught me to do the thorough diagrams too and multiples as you dig down into the layers.

It's not necessary but it will make your job looking clean.

Terry January 4, 2008 | Will any alcohol work or do I need 99% isopropyl alcohol? So the laptop actually gets power but will not start? Drew March 23, 2008 | Thanks for the pictures!! Thats a little better but will eventually work loose.

Desoldering Braid

Thanks, I'm in the middle of repairing one of these in a Dell myself.You are welcome. You'll be surprised at how much solder the braid can get out while gently rockig the component. #8 AlaDes, Aug 24, 2012 Larry Sabo Expand Collapse Well-Known Member Likes Received: How To Solder Motherboard Components Right now, if you have removed all the solder you THINK you should, what is happening is that you are heating up one side, while a small amount of solder on Desoldering Gun I have tried resoldering the old power jack (having removed the old solder) but to no avail.

I would say go with the Ben Heck method as you can concentrate the heat into a fairly small area with a butane torch. Thinkpad Edge 14 (13 items) What am I missing here??!! brian June 2, 2008 | worked perfectly, thank you so much. Also adding new leaded solder, using hot air, adding low melt (bismuth or other) solder, etc all help to get the job done. How To Desolder

Loading... However, The issue is that the old broken jack is still stuck on my motherboard... That metal thing which I plug into the DC gets extremely hot very quickly in matter of minutes also. weblink Its best to leave the jack soldered in this approach, as it will transfer the heat to the via much better. #4 PM650, Jul 21, 2009 tcsenter Lifer Joined: Sep

what are my options here? WOrks slick, best tool I ever purchased. Thanks for the illustration..

It will keep doing that if I pull it in then out.

That way, when you accidentally brush/sneeze/blow away the screws/cups/bags onto the floor, they won't roll all over the place & get lost. Theme designed by Audentio Design. You need to have a lot of experience or you will ruin parts. Reply Reply post #6 of 13 10/11/12 at 11:15pm cdoublejj 4.0ghz Joined: Aug 2009 Location: MO, USA Posts: 9,799 Rep: 233 (Unique: 193) Reviews: 4 Trader Rating: 35

The thing just won't come out and the solder barely melts only at the exact point of contact. The better tools let you set the temp. #7 mr m, Aug 24, 2012 AlaDes Expand Collapse Active Member Likes Received: 29 Location: White Sulphur Springs, WV As others have But when I plug in the AC Adapter the led on the adapter goes out and get no power. His way was to use your small screwdriver to punch the holes out on your diagram and stick the exact screw into its hole.

Actually it's quite self-clariant (Wonder if that's a real word )..